Founded in 2006, GM Carni Srl is a family-run business, whose sole director has over forty years experience in the wholesale trade of fresh beef, pork, sheep, goat and white meats.

GM Carni Srl is a serious and reliable company, which, in 2009, received the ‘Working Italy’ (‘Italia che lavora’) award, under the category of ‘entrepreneurs and companies’, in recognition of its merits in contributing to the social and economic advancement of the country.

mutolo carni azienda a lavoro
As market leader in the meat retail and wholesale sector, the company specializes in the cutting, processing and vacuum packing of first-choice butchered meat (beef, pork and poultry), and its distribution to numerous butchers and hypermarkets in and around Palermo and its province, providing a service that meets the needs of customers and the demands of the market.

The Mutolo family has dedicated its professional life to selecting and trading the best livestock products on the market, offering a quantity and quality of services that has led to GM Carni Srl becoming well-known and highly appreciated in the Palermo area for its craftsmanship and punctuality in deliveries, to the satisfaction of an ever wider market.

Though carried out with the latest generation machinery, the cutting process respects traditional techniques thanks to the expertise of our staff.

We use the best raw material to obtain prized cuts such as fillet, loin, and rump, as well as all other cuts. GM Carni Srl also produces dozens of the most cherished Sicilian culinary specialities. Our bovine (heifer, Charolais, Limousin, Blonde d’Aquitaine), swine and sheep meats come from French, Belgian, Italian and Spanish breeds. French meats, which are highly sought after on the Sicilian and Italian market, are increasingly synonymous with guarantees and strict health controls regulated by European Community standards, genuineness, naturalness, delicacy, better preservation and availability.

GM Carni Srl aims to invest further resources in consolidating its market position in Sicily, and the city of Palermo in particular.

Our facility, built in 2010, are located in Palermo in Via Calcante 18, have been approved by the regional health council for the storage, cutting, processing and preparation of red and white meat, with approval number: IT G4U6Z CE. The facility is equipped with large refrigerated cells and processing rooms that comply with all applicable hygiene and production regulations.

The safety of our meat is the result of the commitment of the Mutolo family to its customers through the strict application of all hygiene regulations (e.g. HACCP self-control system) and laboratory controls.

GM Carni Srl supplies ‘Meat in Order’ (Carne in Regola) certified meat, which is clearly labelled to allow the history of the product to be traced back from the table to the field, thus providing the consumer with detailed, information on the product’s traceability and characteristics. Our large sales volumes and expertise in selecting livestock allow us to position ourselves more competitively on the market and offer more competitive prices, without sacrificing in any way the excellent quality of the meat we work with. GM Carni Srl aims to invest further resources in consolidating its market position in Sicily, and the city of Palermo in particular.


Giulio Mutolo


Francesco Mutolo